10 Tips to Stay Healthy While on the Road

February 15, 2017
10 Tips to Stay Healthy While on the Road

10 Tips to Stay Healthy While on the Road

While truck driving is a fun, adventurous, and rewarding career, it can take a toll on a person’s body. Staying healthy and fit when behind the wheel is essential when it comes to enjoying this career. Humans are built to stand up or walk more than they sit down, but today’s lifestyles and professions often have us sitting much more than we’re standing or walking. Obviously, you must be sitting when driving a truck, so you need to find other times to be upright. Along with fitness and exercise, there are nutrition strategies that will help you stay strong and alert while on the open road. Below, we offer several tips to stay healthy and fit when truck driving.

1). Stay well-hydrated: Drinking water and staying hydrated is critical to optimal functioning of every system in the body including the brain, heart, kidneys, and lungs. Keep a water bottle beside you at all times. Otherwise, you will suffer short-term consequences such as headaches and fatigue and possibly worse long-term consequences.

2). Exercise 15 minutes every day: Surely you can carve out 15 minutes each day to get a little exercise. Recent fitness studies show that a mere 7-15 minutes of vigorous exercise that works multiple muscle groups boosts heart health and speeds up metabolism. Alternate between aerobic and anaerobic for maximum effect. For instance, alternate between push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, jogging in place, triceps dips, mountain climbers, and so on. You can find hundreds of these workouts with a simple Google search. They are called HIIT workouts. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training.

3). Eat small meals throughout the day: We all know from Thanksgiving and Christmas that one large meal makes the body lethargic and exhausted. Eating multiple small meals throughout the day will keep your energy up and help you stay more alert.

4). Keep healthy snacks nearby: Find a basket or bag, fill it up with healthy snacks and keep it right beside you. These snacks may include nuts, granola bars, fruit, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, or popcorn. Not only are these types of snacks healthy but they offer protein and fiber which will keep you full longer. If you don’t keep healthy snacks nearby, you may go too long without eating and then gorge yourself once you finally do stop.

5). Chew gum and ice: Driving long hours can get boring for some folks, so they end up finding easy ways to stay awake. Did you know that chewing gum and eating ice increases alertness? If you have a bit of an oral fixation, try not to reach for tobacco. Instead, munch on soft ice or sugar-free gum.

6). Don’t isolate yourself: Loneliness is terrible for the psyche and can result in stress on the body. Humans are social by nature, and we don’t do well when alone for extended periods. When you stop to rest or eat, chat with folks, make a phone call, or befriend other drivers. Do whatever it takes to not feel lonely.

7). Listen to music: Studies have shown that music offers a number of benefits to multiple systems of the body. It can ease pain, boost mood, and increase focus, among other things. When on the road for extended hours, music can also offer company and entertainment.

8). Stay connected with family and friends: Be sure to call home often. With mobile phones, texting, email, and social media, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with family and friends. While you may feel too busy to stop and call, once you hear the voice of your spouse or child, you’ll be happy your took the time to do it.

9). Get adequate rest: This one is so important. Lack of sleep depletes the immune system, decreases mental functioning, and slows metabolism. Driving long hours while feeling tired is simply grueling, so make sleep a top priority.

10). Have fun: Not everyone has the incredible opportunity to travel the country. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Learn about the places you go by reading, eating at local establishments, and getting to know the people who live there. Acquiring new knowledge is another activity that decreases stress and increases joy.

Truck driving can be a very exciting and fulfilling career, but only if you take good care of yourself while doing it. Follow the above tips to ensure your mind and body function optimally while you’re on the road. And if you’re not yet behind the wheel, call Alliance today so we can enroll you in one of our programs.

Truck Driving Careers

December 19, 2016
Truck Driving Careers


New Year, New Career with Alliance

Did you know one in three people consider a career change during the new year season? With Christmas mere days away, 2017 is truly right around the corner. Have you been thinking about changing professions or finding a career that’s more stimulating, consistent, and lucrative? If so, now would be the time to research the career and register for any necessary licensing or certification classes.

Our team at Alliance hopes your new career will be in the truck driving industry and that you’ll utilize our training center for your certification. Below are several reasons Alliance should be top on your list if you’re researching truck driving training centers.

Top Reasons to Choose Alliance

Beautiful location: Our training centers are nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so while you’re learning the ins and outs of truck driving, you can also enjoy gorgeous scenery, views and outdoor recreation.

Amazing team: Our administrative staff and team of trainers possess decades upon decades of combined experience. When you complete our program, you’ll not only feel confident in your knowledge but you’ll have gained friends and mentors you can call on in the future.

Flexible, efficient training options: To begin a new career in some fields, the training takes six months or much longer. With Alliance’s full-time training program, you’ll be on the road in a few short weeks. Even if you opt for our part-time program, you will be behind the wheel before you know it.

Financial assistance: To make sure potential students can enroll in our programs, we offer several different financial assistance programs, including payment plans, veterans’ programs, and partnerships with tuition reimbursement carriers. We don’t want money to hinder you from your career dreams.

Job placement: We’re a training center that ensures our graduates find work. Alliance is connected with numerous trucking companies around the nation and will assist you with job placement to make sure you begin work shortly after you complete the program.

Before long, we’ll be ringing in the new year and voicing resolutions for 2017. We hope your goals and resolutions include a future career in trucking. If so, contact Alliance today to register for the program that best suits your needs.

6 Benefits of Entering the Truck Driving Industry

November 9, 2016

6 Benefits of Entering the Truck Driving Industry

Benefits of Truck Driving SchoolThere are a number of significant benefits to becoming a truck driver. Truck driving once had a reputation of being a career for people who lacked “professional” skills. Those days are long gone. The industry has advanced tremendously and is now attracting both college-educated folks as well as those who hold solely a high school diploma. Whichever category pertains to you, our field offers competitive wages along with other advantages. Check out the following personal and professional benefits to entering the world of truck driving.

  1. Excellent salary: The average yearly pay for rookies is $40,000. That’s an amazing salary considering a college degree or specialist degree is not required. Teachers in many states start out at a much lower salary, and fast food employees make much, much less than $40,000 a year.
  2. Opportunities for travel: Many people have a desire to travel but are never offered the opportunities to do so. The planning that goes into traveling can be very overwhelming and travel itself is expensive, so many folks end up in old age wishing they had seen the world more. Truck driving offers those experiences as part of the job.
  3. Time for reflection: When driving, there’s a lot of time on the road to think and reflect. In today’s busy, technological world, most people rarely slow down to be with their own thoughts. This quiet time can be very healing and productive. If you do enter the field, spend this solitary time planning and dreaming for future goals and adventures. But don’t fret if quiet time is not your thing. If you’re not a person who likes to be alone, you can always listen to books on tape, music, or podcasts.
  4. Built-in exercise: You may not be in a condition to exercise and don’t worry, not every truck driving position requires exercise. You can request positions and runs that don’t warrant heavy physical labor; however, if you would like a little exercise, many truck driving opportunities offer that. Loading and unloading the cargo in your truck offers great exercise on a daily basis. You can also build in your own fitness activities with weight training or running during down time.
  5. Additional benefits: Along with competitive wages, most truck driving companies offer amazing benefit packages including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and retirement plans. These types of benefits offer significant security. Paying out-of-pocket for all of these services would be extraordinarily expensive.
  6. Job security: The need for new truck drivers is high and constantly growing, so if you join a solid trucking company and become a valued team member, your position is secure. In a day and age when unemployment is rampant, truck driving is one of the industries that is actually seeking more employees. Furthermore, not only will you keep your job, you will have opportunity for growth which will lead to higher pay and more benefits.

With all of these advantages, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been considering entering the truck driving industry, now is the time. It’s a critical time where drivers are needed more than ever. If this sounds exciting or appealing to you, call Alliance today, and we’ll get you started on a new professional journey.


Truck Driver Salaries Increasing Despite Shortage of Drivers

October 15, 2016
Truck Driver Salaries Increasing Despite Shortage of Drivers

Truck Driver Salaries Increasing Despite Shortage of Drivers

The U.S. economy has experienced a number of highs and lows over the past decade. Despite other industries and divisions struggling, salaries for truck drivers are increasing. According to National Transportation Institute numbers reported by the Wall Street Journal, long-haul truckers’ average pay has increased 17 percent since late 2013.  In contrast, wages in the U.S. overall “rose by less than 4 percent over the same period,” notes Wall Street Journal.

To us at Alliance, this supports our vision that now’s the perfect time to join the trucking industry. While professionals in other careers are seeing minimal gains in their salaries, truck drivers are seeing substantial increases in theirs.

With that being said, there’s a shortage of drivers in our country. The need for more truck drivers is significant. Increases in population and consumption are requiring more trucks on the road, but there aren’t enough trained drivers out there.

Few other professions offer this type of opportunity. Once you complete training, we will help place you in a job and with an apparent shortage, we should be able to do that fairly quickly. Also, unlike other professions, the salaries for truck drivers are on an upward trend, so now’s the time to begin. The program at Alliance is quick and efficient. Our team will guide you through the entire process from your first class to your first job in the industry. You can complete our renown program in a short four weeks.

Truck Driving Training:

  • Hands-on classroom training
  • Student housing arrangements, if needed
  • Access to our online simulated training
  • Field maneuver training
  • Comprehensive road training on a variety of trucks and trailers
  • Full job placement included in the training

If you’re looking for a fulfilling career in a flourishing industry, now’s the best time in history to become a truck driver. Call Alliance today, and we’ll get you started on your individual path to success. We look forward to hearing from you!

A Month of Celebration

September 29, 2016
A Month of Celebration

Alliance Tractor Trailer Celebrates
The truck driving industry is not only an important part of American history but also a crucial component of modern day society. Without trucks on the road, we would have trouble eating, using technology, building houses, or shopping for clothes. Those tractor trailers you see heading down the open highway contain products and materials essential to our everyday lives. Alliance Tractor Trailer Training Center is proud to be part of a flourishing industry that has stood the test of time.

September 2016 has been a month of celebration for Alliance and the industry as a whole. Founded in 1981, we celebrated our 35th year in business this month. During this time, we’ve trained over 90,000 CDL drivers and become an industry leader in job placement. Throughout almost four decades, we’ve grown and evolved with the industry to ensure our drivers are trained well and feel confident behind the wheel. With schools in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, we are proud to be the training provider of choice for dozens of America’s top trucking companies in the Southeast.

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Career Options in Trucking

June 1, 2016

Career Options in Trucking

Career Options in Truck Driving:  CDL Training SchoolsLooking for Career Options in Trucking?
As long as commerce is thriving in the United States, there will be an ongoing need for over the road (OTR) truckers to transport products from state to state. And the options for what kind of truck driver you want to be are expanding constantly.

Truckers can work for single companies, like major retailers who transport merchandise most every week, or for a company that’s engaged in providing trucking services to other companies. The list of companies that benefit from trucking services runs the gamut from clothing and food to the financial and services industries, like banking and hotels. From ice cream to breweries, if there’s a product you personally enjoy, you can imagine yourself driving a truck to transport it across the country. And where there are products, there’s also a need for waste disposal, so don’t forget transport opportunities in everything from garbage management to hazardous materials disposal.

According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for truckers will grow about 11% by 2022, with a median salary of $38,700, ranging upwards to more than $48,000.  And lucrative new opportunities are emerging all the time!

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